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Ensuring Safety, Security and Independence: Meet the Concierges of The Manor at York Town!

DECEMBER 28, 2020

All photos were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic and reflect life within our communities.

For concierges of The Manor at York Town, ensuring residents’ safety and security is one of the most important aspects of their profession. As they help residents maintain fulfilling lifestyles, the relationships they build and the happiness they bring to others continues to spread joy and fulfillment throughout this community.

Michael Mapp, Marchell Goll, and Gail Roode, three concierges at The Manor, greatly enjoy the significance of their work as they facilitate worry-free lifestyles for residents throughout their retired years. While the three of them enjoy different aspects of their role, they all agree that as a concierge there really is no typical day, and their days are certainly never boring.

“We have many roles as the concierge, and at first I was nervous to have so much responsibility,” Gail admits. “Then I saw how safe and secure the residents felt knowing that we are there if they need us, and it just made me feel really good,” she adds.

Gail has worked at The Manor for 13 years and her first impression of the community stays true to The Manor’s combination of luxury and convenience. “When I first visited here it was around Christmas and the community was so beautiful that I felt like I was in The Sound of Music,” she laughs. “I just thought I had to work here because the atmosphere was so inviting and wonderful,” she reflects. Michael and Marchell echo Gail’s sentiments as they describe the community as a remarkable place for residents to live.

Ensuring Safety, Uplifting Independence, and Providing Happiness

Wearing many hats, most of their responsibilities as Concierge center on ensuring residents safety, happiness, and independence. “We help the residents with whatever they need. It could be helping them with their TV or iPad, carrying their packages to their apartments, or helping them sign up for different activities. We make sure they are comfortable and that everything is taken care of for them,” says Michael.

Whether assisting with electronics or scheduling transportation to appointments outside of the community, Michael, Gail, and Marchell are happy to let residents know they are there to help.

Residents at The Manor are like family to me. What I enjoy most is providing the assurance that someone is always here for the residents if they need support. I think about my own mother who has passed and I would’ve loved to have her live in a community like this. To know that your loved one is taken care of, that is priceless to so many people. 

Gail Roode, concierge of The Manor at York Town

As all of the concierges care for residents like family, Marchell says one of the most rewarding parts of her job is listening to residents’ stories and building meaningful relationships. “You learn so much from the residents because they have history and experience. I’ve learned from their resilience and grace. Every week I learn something that surprises me. Building relationships with them is so meaningful,” she reflects.

The conversations I have with residents and the satisfaction that you’re helping others, that’s the most enjoyable part of my work. 

Marchell Goll, concierge at The Manor at York Town

The residents are really nice at The Manor. I enjoy my interactions with them each week, and the community is a pleasant place to work. 

As Marchell, Michael, and Gail feel great reward in building relationships and helping others, residents appreciate their dedication to compassionate care. “Even the smallest of things, residents are so thankful for our help. The amount of gratitude and appreciation we receive from them is really nice. They’re wonderful people,” says Gail.

The staff at The Manor are absolutely wonderful. They are always willing to help you with whatever you need and they truly care about the residents who live here.

Lee K., resident of The Manor at York Town

Uplifting independence and strengthening connection, the concierges of The Manor at York Town play a critical role in helping residents live a fulfilling and active retirement. While they facilitate safety and empower residents to live worry-free lifestyles, their passion for their work is equally rewarding.